Zach Davis

He first learned the power of referral marketing as a college student. From his first experience in the industry to his most recent he has helped thousands of people realize their ability to make a more significant contribution to the world. He is passionate about helping people become better today than they were yesterday. Zach has not only been a powerful field leader but has also served on the board of directors, as an Owner, and as Chief Marketing Officer and Consultant in the industry.

His passion for people, business and entrepreneurship has helped him start and run many successful companies in a variety of industries. He is an accomplished speaker and trainer who has influenced thousands of people to elevate themselves financially. Using the techniques he teaches his students, he and his business partners launched an international manufacturing company that did over 6 million dollars in sales in 3 months.

Zach Is excited about the opportunity at 7k Metals. He believes in the referral marketing model and is convinced this company will take the industry to a new level by truly helping more people make a significant income. He believes, “Whether you love your career or are looking to replace it, there is an opportunity here for everyone to live their dream and not someone else’s. In a world that is clamoring for success, I believe it is more important to be significant.”

Josh Anderson

He got his first taste of network marketing at the age of 21. He was able to build a large team that focused on other people’s success. That team reached over 18,000 people in its first year. He took his profits and with the help of his brother built a very successful construction and real estate business. In 2008, Josh influenced a new MLM company that in 120 days grew to 9,000 people, at which time Josh become the CEO of the company and lead the company to over 26,000 distributors.

In 2011 Josh and business partner Zach Davis began investing their profits into oil and gas mineral rights which has paid them residual income every month since. From 2011 to 2016 Josh and Zach have consulted many of the most successful MLM companies in the industry.

“I have had the chance to build three downlines of over 20,000 people in the last 16 years, I’ve been the master distributor, CEO, Owner and served on the Board of Director’s for some the largest MLM companies in the world. I have never seen anything like 7k Metals, finally a company that is set up to help the average person make real income by focusing on their success and not the top 1% earners of the industry. 7k Metals is the only MLM company shipping the world’s first and longest lasting currency as its product. “7k Metals is changing everything about this amazing industry.”

Richard Hansen

I’ve been a precious metals collector for over 25 years … my favorites are the American Eagle gold and silver coins made at the US mints; guaranteed for their weight and content by the United States of America. In June 1982, I was driving a fire truck for the city of Carrollton Texas when I got invited to a networking meeting where I immediately became a supervisor. For over 34 years I’ve been full-time and had the good fortune of making over $1 million in three different companies.

I’m extremely excited about 7k Metals for several reasons. We’re going to help tens of thousands of people make $1,000 a week instead of just a few that make millions. How can you get a better product? It’s interesting, so many companies say their product is as good as gold. Ours is gold. We offer precious metals to our customers at the best possible prices!

I see this company breaking records, exploding in growth because it’s so simple! There’s never been anything like this. An average person working just part-time without interfering with their full-time job can make $1000 or more every week, directly or indirectly.

Roger Ball

Known for his insight and vision in the world of the entrepreneur, Roger Ball follows the highest standards in business. He’ll leave no stone unturned once he sets his goals. He studied for six years at the University of Idaho and continued his studies at the University of Illinois for three more years. There he found great interests in Chemistry and Meat Science. Through these, he has developed many products that have sold world-wide for decades. His love of the mountains, rivers, lakes and wildlife brought him back to Idaho Falls to build a business and raise his family. Little did he know of the opportunities awaiting him.

To this day, he simply describes himself as a farmer and a rancher at heart. Raised in Menan, Idaho, on the banks of the Snake River, he learned the value of hard work on his grandfather’s homestead of fertile fields. From those potato-rich Idaho Fields, however, has come a man among men to change the world in the development of meat snacks, cosmetics and plastics! The meat industry led him to various corners of the world. Australia was filled with wonder and opportunity that culminated at the rim of a petri dish and his lab in Idaho Falls and became one of the largest direct sales companies in the world. Many people have supported their families as a result of six successful companies he has developed with products serving in the world.

“Today at 76, with my young partners, I can see beyond the snowcapped mountains of Idaho to a worldwide industry that will change network marketing as we know it. Whether you find yourself in the shoes of a young ambitious 18-year-old or the weathered boots of a 76-year-old farmer, 7K Metals is reaching out to you”.